Ebrahim Firouzi | Iran has died of a heart attack

Last month, Ebrahim Firouzi, a Christian convert who had been imprisoned and exiled for his faith in Christ, was found dead aged 37. It is reported that his brother discovered his body at his flat after not hearing from him for a few days. It was further reported that, according to family members at his funeral, Ebrahim had died of ‘a heart attack’.

After Ebrahim served his sentence he was exiled in 2019 to a remote area of Iran, 1.000 miles from his home near the capital of Tehran. He had been taken into custody in 2013 as part of a wave of arrests after he was found to be in possession of Bibles, to be part of a house-church, and to have promoted Christianity.

The Director of Article 18, Mansour Borji said that, “The Islamic Republic of Iran had sentenced Ebrahim for ‘acting against national security’, but nothing could have been further from the truth.
The freedom for everyone to have access to and possess a Bible was central to Ebrahim’s life and ministry. It was the reason he was initially arrested and served almost seven years in prison for. Even during imprisonment, he found creative ways to make that available to everyone when he became responsible for the prison library.

During his two years in exile, and up to the last days of his life on Earth, this passion did not leave him.”  Mansour Borji further said, “When Ebrahim was exiled, he became a respected member of his new community. He was starting a business and looking forward to having a relationship. He was hopeful for the future, and he created hope for the community he was living in. Ebrahim did not lose hope even during all those years in prison. He had an incredible fighting spirit.”

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