Laleh Saati


acting against national security by connecting with a Zionist Christian organisation

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Laleh Saati (45), a Christian convert who was baptised in a church in Malaysia, returned to Iran in 2017 after growing frustrated at the time it was taking to process her asylum claim and also to be reunited with her elderly parents. 
On 13 February, 2024, Laleh was arrested at her father’s home in Tehran and taken to Evin Prison where she was reportedly interrogated for around three weeks. During her interrogation photographs and videos of her Christian activities and baptism in Malaysia were presented to her as evidence of her crime, after which she was transferred to the women’s ward of the prison.
On 16 March, 2024, Laleh was brought before a judge at Branch 26 of the Tehran Revolutionary Court, who asked her why she risked returning to her home country, given that she had “done such things [Christian activities] outside of Iran”.
On 25 March, Laleh’s lawyer was informed that she had been sentenced to two years in prison plus a two-year travel ban following her release, for “Acting against national security by connecting with a Zionist Christian organisation”. Her family members were then informed and were able to pass on the details of her prison sentence to her.
It is not yet known whether Laleh will appeal her sentence.

Contact Address:

Evin Prison
Saadat Abad
Islamic Republic of Iran

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