Sakineh (Mehri) Behjati


Family Situation

Mehri Behjati is married with three children

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In February 2020, Sakineh (Mehri) Behjati was arrested for practising her faith, alongside three other fellow converts. All four were sent to Lakan Prison in Rasht on 14 May, 2020 after being unable to pay the bail set for them. They were released on bail in May 2020 after the bail had been reduced.

In August, 2020 Mehri was sentenced to two years in prison for “Acting against National Security” and “Spreading Zionist Christianity”. Her appeal was rejected in September 2020.

Mehri was summoned to begin her sentence on Feb 8, 2022, and on February 16, 2022, she handed herself in to the authorities at Evin Prison in Tehran. In April 2022, she was granted a transfer to Lakan Prison in Rasht, so she could be closer to her three children.

Contact Address:

Lakan Prison 
Women’s Ward
Rasht-Lakan Road
Islamic Republic of Iran

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