Shen Shaochun


Family Situation

Shen Shaochun is married with a son

"organising illegal border crossing”

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In September 2018, Pastor Shen Shaochun, of Living Water Fellowship in Anhui Province, China, was charged with “organising illegal border crossing” and sentenced to seven years in prison.
Prior to his arrest, he travelled to Wa State, Myanmar to teach, and establish Living Water Elementary School there. In 2018, four theology students who had been attending Living Water Elementary School, were arrested by the Myanmar police and handed over to the Chinese police. The police eventually traced the case back to Pastor Shen, which led to his arrest in September, 2018.
He was later taken to court and sentenced to seven years in prison. 
Since his imprisonment his health has significantly deteriorated. He has high blood pressure and needs daily blood pressure medication. He also has problems with ongoing pain in his teeth. Before his imprisonment his left eye became infected, but due to his workload, he delayed treatment and lost sight in that eye. He can now only see with his right eye.
Pastor Shen is married and has a son.

Prison Address:

Shen Shaochun
Xishuangbanna Prison, Yunnan Province, Puwen Town
Jinghong City, Xishuangbanna Dai Autonomous Prefecture
Yunnan Province
China 666102

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